Friday, February 11, 2011

Potato, carrot & chicken soup!

I like variety.. so I dont like to serve BabyS porridge all the time..

Occasionally i'll cook one dish meals and soups like this for her.

Potato, Carrot & Chicken Soup:
Chicken stock
diced Carrots
diced Potatoes
1/4 onion
chicken meat
dash of pepper
1 drop sesame oil

Boil all of these items in the stock till cooked and veges tender, mash to size appropriate for child and serve. You can serve it with rice, but I let the potato take the place of carbo for this dish..

Quite a simple refreshing yet tasty soup because u get to taste the natural sweetness of the onion and carrot. You may add in sweet corn if you like too.

This is a dish suitable for the whole family. You may wish to remove baby's portion b4 you proceed to season the portion for other children & adults.

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