Saturday, December 20, 2014


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Friday, April 1, 2011

ABC Bolgonaise

Baby S's first taste of pasta, bolognaise style..

I used ABC pasta because I thought this was soft enough. I've tried the organic, baby pasta stars b4 but I felt they were hard to cook and despite cooking till the outside was soft and mushy, the inside was still hard..

Cooked pasta of your choice (whatever is suitable for baby.)
Dried oregano
tomato paste (I used organic, no salt added paste)
seeded, skinned diced tomato
minced meat
Chicken/ Vege stock (I used two ice cube portion of stock)
other vege of your choice (So far I have used french beans. green peas and broccoli, all work well for taste, texture and colour contrast)
Cheddar cheese

Fry garlic and onion in one drop of vegetable oil until frragrant. Then add in meat and stir/ separate while its cooking. Then add in tomato, about a teaspoon of tomato paste, 2 ice cubes of chicken stock, oregano and let it all come to boil and cook for about 5 mins.

Just before taking it off the fire, add in about a teaspoon to one table spoon of cheddar cheese (I use the pre shredded one) and mix it in until melted. Add a dash of pepper, stir and dish onto cooked pasta.

Serve to a hungry baby

DId she enjoy it?

ALL GONE! Even protested that mummy S didnt let her finish these last few remaining pieces of pasta..

The type of tomato paste i used. Any type will do, as long as its salt free...

Another variation of the bolognaise sauce, with the addition of french beans instead..

Friday, February 11, 2011

Salmon with cheesy garlic mashed potatoes

I got bored of giving BabyS porridge and decided to give her 'western' food..

This is a good dish becos you can use the same ingredients to create a dish for the whole family to share..

Baby's version:
finely chopped broccoli
finely shredded carrots
cheddar cheese
milk (fresh or formula/ breast milk)
Unsalted butter (small amount)

Boil the potatoes till soft. (i put in one small clove of garlic at the same time)
Steam broccoli and carrots till done.
Steam salmon till done.

Mash potatoes, garlic, milk, unsalted butter, pepper and cheddar cheese and mix well.
Put potato onto plate and assemble broccoli, carrots and salmon on top.

Or you can mix all the potato and vegetables together and serve it this way

Adult Version:

potatoes (Can boil together with baby's portion)
Garlic clove (to boil with potatoe)
Sliced garlic
cheddar cheese
milk (fresh / powdered milk)
Unsalted butter
Teiyaki sauce

Prepare potatoes in the same way as you would for baby's portion but you may add in more salt according to taste. (I added in bacon bits for mine)

Wash salmon and pat dry. Then pat corn flour onto whole surface and pan fry. If you leave the skin on, pay fry the skin side first. Leave it till cooked (when the fish is sufficiently cooked on one side, it will detach from the surface if u move it gently. If not it will stick) Then turn it over to other side to finish cooking.

When you turn the salmon to the other side, throw in some slices of garlic to let it carmalise and add more flavour to the fish. When fish is cooked, add in teriyak sauce and dilute it with a tiny bit of water.

Remove fish and garlic and place on plate.

Using the same pan, add in more garlic and vegetables. leave till cooked. You may wish to add in more sauce if you prefer.

Accidental Mui Fan

Our usual Sunday routine usually involves waking up early to go to church. Sometimes i wake up late and dont have the time to cook BabyS's porridge in the slow cooker. So in times like these, i resort to cooking it over the pot.

I just meant to cook porridge but i used too strong a fire over the stove and the stock evaporated b4 the rice had a chance to become mushy.. And when i cracked in the egg, it accidentally became mui fan!

Accidental Mui Fan

frozen mixed veges (i prefer to remove the outer skin of peas and corn kernels)
chicken meat
whole egg (or just egg yolk if you havent exposed ur child to egg white yet)
a dash of pepper
one drop of sesame oil
one/ two drops of soya sauce (i was cooking two portions so i used two drops)

Cook all items (except egg) till rice is soft enough, then crack egg in and stir (in one direction)

Potato, carrot & chicken soup!

I like variety.. so I dont like to serve BabyS porridge all the time..

Occasionally i'll cook one dish meals and soups like this for her.

Potato, Carrot & Chicken Soup:
Chicken stock
diced Carrots
diced Potatoes
1/4 onion
chicken meat
dash of pepper
1 drop sesame oil

Boil all of these items in the stock till cooked and veges tender, mash to size appropriate for child and serve. You can serve it with rice, but I let the potato take the place of carbo for this dish..

Quite a simple refreshing yet tasty soup because u get to taste the natural sweetness of the onion and carrot. You may add in sweet corn if you like too.

This is a dish suitable for the whole family. You may wish to remove baby's portion b4 you proceed to season the portion for other children & adults.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fish Porridge

Fish, tomato and wolfberries porridge.

Sorry I realise I only have one pic of a fish porridge..

When I make fish porridge, i prefer to steam the fish separately with a slice of ginger over it. This way i can mash the fish up and remove all the bones instead of risking the bone disappearing into the porridge.

Notice the big piece of garlic in the porridge? It makes such a difference to add in garlic.. oh the fragrance and taste difference it makes.

I prefer to throw this in right from the start. By the time porridge is cooked, the garlic will be soft and u can mash and mix it into porridge and serve it to baby.

I also boiled a egg and added in the eg yolk..

POrky POrky POrridge!

If you dont take pork, feel free to swap the meat for chicken.. works just as well..
Pork, broccoli and wolfberry porridge

Pork, spinach, egg yolk and wolfberries porridge.

pork, broccoli, cauliflower and carrot porridge

For all veges (except potatoes, carrots, etc. all the hard veges), i usually put it in midway or when it is almost cooked.. i also like to put in a clove or two of garlic into the porridge right from the start. adds taste, fragrance and boosts immunity..