Friday, February 11, 2011

Accidental Mui Fan

Our usual Sunday routine usually involves waking up early to go to church. Sometimes i wake up late and dont have the time to cook BabyS's porridge in the slow cooker. So in times like these, i resort to cooking it over the pot.

I just meant to cook porridge but i used too strong a fire over the stove and the stock evaporated b4 the rice had a chance to become mushy.. And when i cracked in the egg, it accidentally became mui fan!

Accidental Mui Fan

frozen mixed veges (i prefer to remove the outer skin of peas and corn kernels)
chicken meat
whole egg (or just egg yolk if you havent exposed ur child to egg white yet)
a dash of pepper
one drop of sesame oil
one/ two drops of soya sauce (i was cooking two portions so i used two drops)

Cook all items (except egg) till rice is soft enough, then crack egg in and stir (in one direction)

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