Thursday, December 23, 2010

our first post!

Our first post!

As of now, its been about over 10 months since i (mummy S) started cooking for my now 16 month old daughter (who shall be known as baby S)

I am a foodie, so naturally when it comes to cooking for my own child, I definitely want to cook the best for her! (best in my opinion.. haha)

I believe in fresh, home cooked food, whenever possible (though occasionally, fatigue wins and the daughter gets to eat outside food.. esp her fav mac fries!) I'm not the kind who believes in organic product (unless its dirt cheap and not near expiry).. and i dont believe in restricting everything (no fat, no oil, no seasoning, no frozen food, etc).. i believe in moderation..

I'm not an expert on this, but just thought I share my experience and the knowledge i've picked up over time with new mummies, not so new mummies and grand mummies who wanna cook for their children but dont know how..

Do remember to slowly intro new foods to your baby one at a time, and give it for at least 3 days b4 moving onto something new. Watch for any signs of food allergies. Stop giving the food if any signs appear and see your dr if required.

And also, if ur baby doesnt like the food, it doesnt mean the foods no good, it just means the little one isnt used to it. Try offering it a few more times some time later and the little one will slowly grow to like it!

(Baby S doesnt immediately like all the dishes served to her, but she'll like it eventually.. if she doesnt, her cooking mama will persist and improve the recipe until she does!)

Hope this blog benefits you!

(I dont endorse any products. I dont get anything from promoting any products. I just share what I think is good or not good..)