Friday, April 1, 2011

ABC Bolgonaise

Baby S's first taste of pasta, bolognaise style..

I used ABC pasta because I thought this was soft enough. I've tried the organic, baby pasta stars b4 but I felt they were hard to cook and despite cooking till the outside was soft and mushy, the inside was still hard..

Cooked pasta of your choice (whatever is suitable for baby.)
Dried oregano
tomato paste (I used organic, no salt added paste)
seeded, skinned diced tomato
minced meat
Chicken/ Vege stock (I used two ice cube portion of stock)
other vege of your choice (So far I have used french beans. green peas and broccoli, all work well for taste, texture and colour contrast)
Cheddar cheese

Fry garlic and onion in one drop of vegetable oil until frragrant. Then add in meat and stir/ separate while its cooking. Then add in tomato, about a teaspoon of tomato paste, 2 ice cubes of chicken stock, oregano and let it all come to boil and cook for about 5 mins.

Just before taking it off the fire, add in about a teaspoon to one table spoon of cheddar cheese (I use the pre shredded one) and mix it in until melted. Add a dash of pepper, stir and dish onto cooked pasta.

Serve to a hungry baby

DId she enjoy it?

ALL GONE! Even protested that mummy S didnt let her finish these last few remaining pieces of pasta..

The type of tomato paste i used. Any type will do, as long as its salt free...

Another variation of the bolognaise sauce, with the addition of french beans instead..


  1. ohhh brilliant idea! copy copy for later ;)

  2. where can i buy that abc pasta? cute laa..i want to cook for my little son also..


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